As specialists in professional liability protection for CPA Firms, Alexander & Sanders brings you expertise in insurance and specialized knowledge about the risks that can threaten accounting practices. In other words we provide much more than the typical 12 pieces of paper and a bill. We strive to be a valuable resource for your firm by securing the right insurance coverage tailored for your needs. All of our account managers and customer service representatives are licensed and knowledgeable about the risks facing accounting firms. They regularly participate in continuing education, attend specialized training, and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

At Alexander & Sanders, we believe that insurance protection should be a genuine business asset, not simply an issue of price and coverage. That is why we partner with CAMICO – the premier program for CPA malpractice insurance. CAMICO was founded in the 1980’s introducing a new way of approaching CPA professional liability insurance that focuses on helping firms reduce their risk exposure. In addition to broad policy coverage, policyholders have access to a wide range of practice and risk management knowledge and tools, created by CPAs for CPAs. Today, CAMICO continues to be the leader in solving practice and risk management problems facing CPAs and in providing CPAs nationwide with new insurance options. To learn more about CAMICO visit