As part of our ongoing efforts to support you with specialized information and services to help control liability exposures, Alexander & Sanders provides all clients with a quarterly newsletter addressing risk management issues.

Provided here are archived copies of these newsletters, along with recently published articles and special risk management white papers of interest.

Archived Newsletters:

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author and are not to be attributed in any way to any law firm, insurance carrier or client with whom the author may be associated.  The ideas and commentary expressed herein are for general risk management education purposes only and are not written with the idea of being applied to any specific situation or facts.  Likewise, the commentary is not intended to provide a legal opinion or legal advice.  Legal counsel familiar with the law of the state that will be applied to a given contract should be consulted to assist in drafting contract language appropriate to the circumstances and the state law.


To Drone or Not to Drone

A/E Joint Ventures: A Liability Challenge

Cyber Liability Prevention and Protection

Getting Paid Without Counterclaims

Getting Paid In A Slow Economy

Integrated Project Delivery

Fiduciary Liability

Indemnities, Part 1

Indemnities, Part 2

Reporting Claims and Locking In Your PL Coverage

How to Manage Client Expectations

Finding Condo Coverage

Managing Jobsite Risks

Limitation Of Liability Clauses Underused

Decennial Liability

Tight Budgets, Limited Credit Lead to Underfunded Projects

Project Evaluation More Important Than Ever


Anti-Indemnification Statute


Adequate Auto Coverage